data collection abstraction awareness the correlation between beautiful and kitch

Data is a thing that is collected to provide sufficient and needed information about a certain issue.The process of collecting data is necessary in every field of life since most of the things necessitate a wise knowledge to deal with certain topics,so the relevant information should be gathered to better understand the issues.
The act of noticing or perceiving something in life with the help of the five senses(sight,smell,touch,hear and taste).It is a method to better understand things or what is going on.
It is the process of reducing or taking away things in order to have the ones in hand which are relevant for a particular purpose.There are many things to talk about this concept,for example, it can be even applied to art.This method eliminates unnecessary things and helps us to concentrate on the essential part.
Awareness is the ability to be alert in observing or can be defined as alertness in gathering information.According to Wikipedia,in terms of psychology it is related to a human’s or animal’s perception and cognitive reaction to a condition or event and does not have to imply understanding,it is just “an ability to be conscious of,feel or perceive
Firsth of all the word"kitch" was unfamilier with me but I tried to gather some information through data collection to better understand the beautiful and kitsch concepts in photography.After getting sufficient information and having enough knowledge about what kind of images I should take, I tried to look at my around in campus more carefully trying to notice or perceive something that with the help me under the subject of “beautiful and kitsch”; that is, a careful observation is needed for this.Of course, the ability to be alert in observing and gathering information (awareness) played an important role in making a careful observation.As mentioned above,abstraction is to reduce or taking away things to have only the relevant and required ones for us.I think,abstraction was a necessity for this study.Because,I needed to concentrate on the beautiful and kitsch concepts in the step of taking photos,so I sometimes had to extract irrelevant images to only focus on the concepts.



beautiful and kitch



What does “iterative” mean? & What does “sequential” mean?

Iteration means the act of repetition with improving the results accuracy each time by the knowledge gained from the previous one. simply it means the repetition of an action. Iteration starts with a defined initial conditions which is called an iterative step or a termination condition and cycles around.In contrast to the waterfaall, which has no chance to go back if there is a mistake , iterative model has iterations and if there is a problem this iteration gives possibility to user to evaluate the effectiveness, control and change each.

What does “sequential” mean?
Simply, sequential can be defined as a fixed order
Like sequence ,which means the ordered list of objects or events, sequential in science means a list of methods which is involved in testing a hypothesis is made to accept or reject the hypothesis or to continue sampling. In the type of development, the process and stages follow each other and do not allow us to move to the 2nd stage of development until we complete the first one. there is a close similarity of this model with the one of waterfall; however, it also differs from the iterative model since in sequential model it is important to complete one activity before passing the other one.

What is a “life cycle”?

Life cycle means the all of the events which occurs during an individuals or a products lifetime in a process. For instance , in the life cycle of a plant, seeds are dropped in the ground; soil, water, and compost help the plants grow; the plants drop seeds; the plants die and become compost; new seeds grow into new plants. So the cycle is completed. A product life cycle is similar. A simple life cycle could be considered into five phases :embryonic, executive management acceptance, live management acceptance, growth and maturity.


What is a “process”?

It comes from a Latin word which meansmovement”. The range of applications process is very wide. However its general definition can be givenformed as a set of related resources and activities which transforms input into outputs” .Business process starts with a customers needs and ends with the fulfillment of these needs. There are three types of business process Management Operational Processes, Supporting Processes,

What is an “event”?

The wordeventhas some definitions due to where it is used but event generally is something that happens at a given place and a time.The areas that it mostly used in are science and technology. Events cause significant changes at the projects and events can cause other events called event chains. The moment that event occurs may cause important and unexpected deviations. These kind of events that have great effects on the projects are calledcritical events”.

What does “relevance/relevant” mean?

Relevance is a term used to describe how pertinent, connected, or applicable some information is to a given matter. It has unique significance in a variety of fields. Relevance describes how closely the contents of an information source match the topics .it is essential to conclude that in all aspects of life while dealing with certain kind of problems, it is very important to gather relevant information.